Metcalf Liquor

Sometimes when my way home from work includes a trip to Price Chopper and I need some hoppy beverages, I stop by Metcalf Liquor at 76th and Metcalf (next to the ugliest CVS in the metro). Don't confuse Metcalf Liquor with Metcalf Discount Liquor at 91st and Metcalf, Metcalf Liquor is a pretty small little family operation.

When I go here it is usually just for convenience and it is certainly not for their hospitality. I don't believe that any of their employees have ever said anything to me other than my purchase price. I don't expect much chatter, but a "how you doin' this evening" every once in a while wouldn't hurt.

So tonight they finally crossed the line. I was confronted with my regular conundrum - Boulevard Pale Ale 12 pack or Sierra Nevada 12 pack. I noticed that the marked price for Sierra Nevada was actually 50 cents cheaper than Boulevard which is a clincher for me. I grabbed my 12 pack and took it up to the counter and it rang up $13.49 or a dollar more than it was marked in the cooler. The following is a transcript from my conversation with the grandmotherly (if your grandma smoked 3 packs a day since elementary school) clerk:
Me: That's marked $12.49 in the cooler.
Clerk: (looking at the register) Well it was wrong
Me: Nonetheless
Clerk: (walks to cooler to check) I don't know why they did that
Me: I don't know either
Clerk: It's wrong
Me: I just thought you'd like to know
Uncomfortable silence that lasted a minute
Clerk: I didn't get your card swiped right
Me: Here
Clerk: (after I signed the slip) I guess I should have given it to you for the marked price
Me: Probably

Clerks of the world, I know that customers are jerkholes most of the time. But when they're right and you're wrong, treat them with respect and maybe apologize. At the very least if there is a price discrepancy where the signage says something is cheaper than it rings up, GIVE IT TO THE CUSTOMER FOR THE PRICE MARKED ON THE SIGNAGE. It's not really that hard and should be the first instinct of the clerk.

For this egregious offense added on to the 10 other relatively unpleasant interaction with this store, I'm going on a bullcot of Metcalf Liquor. If I have to I will go to the other liquor store that smells like cologne by Sheridan's for my hoppy beverage needs. Good riddance Metcalf Liquor!

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