Friday, August 29, 2008

Free Beer at 75th Street

I don't mean to cause a panic here, but 75th Street is going to be holding a homebrew challenge. The best part about the homebrew challenge is free beer for the crowd of judges (ie. general public). All you have to do is show up and you can try some of the best homebrew KC has to offer as well as beer that Dan made (3 links in one post for Dan, I think I can make fun of him a little bit).


  1. Well it was a pretty good time. Not well organized or advertised (on the premises) but once the beer started coming it was right on!

    There were a couple I would have said were not quite ready for happy hour but for the most part there were good examples of a wide variety.

    Oh, and I didn't try the blueberry ale. 2 fruit beers an afternoon was my hard limit.

  2. I just saw an impressive stat: In terms of barrels produced, 75th Street is the 61st largest brewpub in the United States (1,750 barrels in 2007). The biggest brewpub down here in Texas is only 105th (Two Rows, in Dallas, 1,400 bbls) and the biggest here in Austin ranks only 132nd (North by Northwest, 1,250 bbls).

    But you still have a ways to go to catch up to your neighbors in Kansas: Free State Brewing is 24th! Yes, in America! 2,730 barrels. I'm guessing there's not much to do in Lawrence but drink and watch the Jayhawks lose to Mizzou in football. :-)