75th Street Brewery 15th Anniversary

Stella and I went over to 75th Street Brewery tonight to grab some dinner. Little did we know that we were lucky to be there on this night. It turns out that 75th Street is going to be celebrating its fifteenth anniversary starting tomorrow.

As part of the anniversary, they are having different special all week which you can see in the picture below. I thought that I would write about my first visit to 75th Street Brewery as part of the celebration.

The time; 1995, when round glasses were cool, the Dow was at 4000 and 60 HR was unthinkable. A couple of days after a beer goggles moment in my 22 year old life, I got drunk. A friend and I spent the day drinking at Tanner's on 87th Street. I walked home about 5 and my roommate was home and raring to go to the bars with his buddies from his work. Dinner was set to be at 75th Street Brewery. To say I was hammered would be an understatement, I weighed 140 pounds and I'd had at least 6 20 oz beers at Tanners.

My roommate, of course, drove us to 75th Street Brewery. As we arrived, the beer goggles girl arrived with her roommate who worked with my roommate (hence the original hookup). I was forced to explain to my reasons for not calling in the past couple of days in the back parking lot of the brewery. I have no idea what my sweet tongue was able to come up with but for the rest of the evening my drunken hookup was attached to my side.

I don't remember much of the meal we had at 75th Street, but I do remember my roommate's coworkers forced as much bread upon me as the kitchen could bake up. I also remember using a lot A LOT of butter on the bread. I'm sure I got up to 141 pounds (point of reference; I weigh about 210 now, I was super skinny in the fall of 95) that evening.

Sadly, I don't remember much of my time at 75th Street on my initial visit. Later in the evening we went to Kelly's and I stood right at the ramp to go down to the lower level holding hands with my mistaken hookup.

Starting that night, though, my love affair with the 75th Street Brewery began. Since I moved back to KC in 2001 I have been a regular visitor to 75th Street Brewery. I love it, I always have. I've never really had a bad time (that I remember) and always enjoyed their beers.

Whether your an old hand at 75th or a newbie, I suggest you get there in the next week to take part in the 15th anniversary festivities. Pick a night and make your way over. If you're there on Wednesday or Friday, you may see your humble beer blogger getting his drink on. See you there.

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