Now I want a Wii

I didn't know I could play beer pong on a Wii. I never liked the real game because I have an aversion to drinking from red cups but if I can drink the finest microbrews from my Riedell glassware or my Smokestack Series goblets then I may enjoy a game now and again. Not to mention the added bonus that you don't have to clean up a sticky beer mess when you're done with your game.

I found out about this game because some asshat attorney general is worried that the rating for the game is rated suitable for children as young as age 13. Never mind that the silly game doesn't ever show anyone drinking and has very few references to beer. You would think that this dude never played Tapper as a kid. I hope Phill Kline doesn't get any ideas, he'd probably only get involved if you were playing abortion pong.

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