KC Bartending Competition 2008

This booze-worthy bit of information came from: Mary Anne's Kansas City, MO Blog. Thanks Mary Anne, and tell Ginger "hi" for us!


According to our sources, these fine and fabulous master's of the mixology will be competing at the Uptown to take home the titile as the 2008 Greater KC Bartending champ.

David Smuckler - Morton's
Beau Williams - Manifesto
Chris Conatser - Delaware Cafe
Jay Beavers - Justus Drugstore
Victor Swerdlove - Pot Pie
Jennifer Tosatto - Bar Natasha
Vic Rodriguez - Em Chamas
Tim Lemke - Jp Wine Bar
Rachel Smith - Aixois
Jason Belz - Nara
Arturo Vera-Felicie - Blanc Burgers and Bottles
Van Zarr - Bluestem

The competition will take place on August 10th at 6pm. While KC's best strut their stuff, expect live music from the Roman Numerals, food catered from JP, Nara, The Drop, JJ's, and Makers Mark. The evening is emceed by Missy Koontz.

$20 in advance, with proceeds going to HALO. Buy your tickets online.

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