Budweiser is Belgian

Budweiser is no longer an American company. Rather than pick a fight about how this doesn't matter let me just try to persuade our Bud swillin' brethren to give Boulevard a try. I would recommend a Boulevard Wheat, it's a nice starter beer for those without taste buds (pun intended). If you're not in KC or Boulevard's distribution area, may a suggest a Sam Adams Boston Lager or New Belgium Fat Tire. While those aren't the best the beer world has to offer, they're fine beers to start your beer journey. Soon you'll be singing the praises of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Hazed and Infused. After that you'll be able to impress your friends by saying things like "this year's batch of Cascade hops doesn't quite carry the flavor of the '07 batch". The circle will be completed, a whole new batch of people will be making fun of you. But you will be the better person for it and will enjoy the ride down the deep dark hole that is beer geekdom.


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