TGIFridays, Oh No You Dinn't

So Stella went out with her friends for drinks the other night at TGIFridays. For those not familiar with how Stella rolls, she was on their website looking for the drinks she was going to order. She does this with everywhere she goes, menus are useless to her, she must know what she is going to have at any restaurant/bar before she leaves the house. So she was reading me a couple of their drinks and I decided to check out their website for myself.

I was not prepared for what I found. They had their drink menu categorized by completely stupid and unnecessary categories. My favorite graphic came up when I clicked on the "Girls Night Out" category.

That made me laugh out loud. Next up I checked out the beer section and was greeted by this wonderfully informative (for Tom Gavin) breakdown between ales and lagers.
In the date night category was a nice little helpful hint about not telling dirty jokes on a first date.

If I would have followed that advice I wouldn't have told Stella on our first date what Princess Di and Pink Floyd had in common (their last big hit was the wall). Somehow it worked out.

I believe the fine folks at TGIFridays should turn their website into a force for good rather than containing lame Dr. Phil style platitudes.

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