Smoker's Reprieve

Hey all you KC smokers, you have another 2 weeks to give everyone's air a little more flavor, the KC smoking ban has been delayed.
A Jackson County judge today postponed Kansas City’s ban on smoking in all bars and restaurants in the city, at least until June 20.

The voter-approved prohibition on smoking in Kansas City bars and restaurants had been scheduled to take effect Saturday.

But nine establishments sued to challenge that law and Circuit Judge John O’Malley today issued a temporary restraining order preventing enforcement of the law until he can hold a hearing June 20 on the merits of the lawsuit.

The law was approved by voters in an election April 8.

But for now, the city’s existing smoking restrictions remain in effect. Those restrictions allow smoking in bars but prohibit it in restaurants without liquor licenses. For restaurants with liquor licenses, smoking is allowed after 9 p.m. if all the patrons in the restaurant are age 21 or older.
Special thanks to The D, my source for late breaking news.

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