No Profound Words

What does this mean (from an article about added regs to the dress code in the P&L)?
Star columnist Mike Hendricks noticed the regulations at one restaurant banned "profound language."

I'm going to go over there for lunch and read my copy of Bastiat's "The Law". Does that count as too profound of words?

Just as an FYI, here are the added violations of the P&L Dress Code.
No white T-shirts (Does that mean a woman could wear a skin-baring white cami but not a white T-shirt? What if the white T-shirt has a few words on it? T-shirts in colors cannot have repeating words on them. )

No shorts below the top of the calves. It didn't say no shorts above the knee. It said no shorts below the top of the calf. Uh, wouldn't that include capris? Capris are weekend wear de rigeur for this correspondent.

No exposed necklaces on men (that would stop some male friends right there).

No sunglasses indoors (what happens if you have transition glasses that darken outdoors and lighten up inside?).

And no towels. Who takes towels to restaurants these days that don't offer to biggie size your kids' fries?

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