Fred's Dead

Fred P. Ott's in the Town Pavilion downtown is closed. I can't say that I was a regular customer or even that it was good. It was usually real smoky and had bad service, they probably didn't deserve to stay open. But, they've survived for many years and I can't help but wonder if they're closed now because some government bureaucrats decided that they know how to spend KC's money more than the people of KC.

This is a pretty benign sign that the P&L District is going to run all the bars that came across their popularity honestly (ie. not taxpayer funded) out of business. It will be sad when businesses that have good service and product go out of business because of this nonsense. Unfortunately for Fred P. Ott's, they weren't that great and it eventually cost them. I'll be upset when it's The Brick or Willie's, but I have taken notice.

Hat tip to the Hip Suburban White Guy, the nicest bald liberal you're likely to meet.

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