The Foundry at McCoy's

It looks like McCoy's is going to expand and add a sidecar (like on a motorcycle, not the drink) bar, Foundry at McCoy's.
“It’s an extension of McCoy’s, but they’re two different environments with separate kitchens, separate music, all under one roof,” Westphal says. “And with a separate deck.”

Another tres-trendy ultra-lounge?

“If you want a description, we’re a retro DJ dive bar,” Westphal says. “There’s vintage lighting, wood paneling — it looks more like someone’s basement than an ultra-lounge.”

Bottle service?

“No, no, no, no,” Westphal says. “We’re McCoy’s, and we’re going to run this business like we do McCoy’s, with great food and over 100 different beers.”

Another place in Westport with over 100 beers, I am going to have to get a job back down in that area.

Thanks for the tip, The D.

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