Spread the KC Love

I'm sure you, the dear reader, has thought of this, but I thought I would share while Stella watches "White Oleander" and I'm enjoying a Dogfish Head Raison d'Etre. Before we left KC on our little trip through Wichita and Ft. Worth I picked up a couple of Boulevard Smokestack Series beers to spread out amongst people on our journey. In Wichita I gave my brother, Busch Light, a bottle of my favorite, the Sixth Glass. I thought he would enjoy a nice strong beer before he goes to Afghanistan for a year. Then in Ft. Worth I gave my brother-in-law, Milk Stout, a Double Barrel IPA. I believe that Boulevard Brewery is about the best thing KC has to offer the outside world and it is our duty as Kansas Citians to spread the joy of Boulevard to the hinterlands.

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