It's a Different Kind of Bar, Charlie Brown

This afternoon saw my first-ever visit to The Peanut, at 51st and Main just south of the Plaza. Ward Parkway and I decided to enjoy some pints and order their "famous" super-jumbo chicken wings. I'd heard rumors of the size of the wings at The Peanut, but I was not prepared for how big they actually were (I'm sure there's a dirty joke in here somewhere, but I'm not feeling it). W.P. ordered twelve of the wings, which I'd assumed would be a mere appetizer. I was mistaken. Between the two of us, we only managed to finish EIGHT of them. Seriously. Big. Wings. Ostrich, perhaps?

In glancing around the room, W.P. noted that, "it looks like some of the customers from the Peanut's original Grand Opening are still here..." Lots of old-timers!

The best part about the trip to the bar was the bartender. He was a gruff man, with a serious grasp on the lunchtime crowd. I think he was the only person working the bar AND the floor, and doing everything with a pretty pleasant attitude. We counted, at one time, 33 people under his watchful eye. He was careful to make sure everyone had food and beer.

A mother and her two kids, I assume--but they could very well have been kids she was babysitting--walked into the bar. It sounds like the start of a joke, but there really isn't a joke here. The bartender didn't miss a beat and asked the kids if they wanted some matches to play with. Hilarious! I mean, shouldn't a bar have some spare coloring books on hand? The mom replied that they'd probably be just as happy with a beer. Can you dig that?! These kids are gonna be some warped 3rd graders (next year)...

There were several "NO SMOKING" signs posted around the bar on the walls, but there were ash trays out for people to use. There was also a lone guy at the end of the bar smoking away. I guess the new smoking ban didn't affect him much. Nobody seemed to notice (or care for that matter).

A Peanut fan named "Crockett" had this to say (about what he claims is) KC's oldest bar:

"The Peanut offers a look back into how bars used to be. Especially on Main street. Serving up some of the best BLT's and chicken wings (ah, the wings are the best) anywhere, The Peanut is a must visit for any one visiting KC. The beer is cold, the food is excellent and the ambiance fits every walk of life."

So grab your children and head to The Peanut! (But bring your own coloring books unless they like to play with matches.)

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