Holy Flyin' Saucers, Batman!

I wish I could say that I’ve been out to some “new and exciting” places to report on here in KC, but in all reality, I HAVE. One place I have been visiting frequently, is the Flying Saucer in the Power and Light District. It’s beyond absolutely fabulous--it’s almost like aliens, in a Golden Flying Saucer, have personally delivered a piece of heaven directly to Kansas City. I think it’s a sign. It’s a gift from the aliens that “they come in peace.” And there couldn’t be a better way to say, “take me to your leader, earthling,” than by coaxing us with a wide variety of interesting tap beers… I will gladly do anything for a beer. YES. Even for aliens. Anything.

It’s the most affordable joint in the new P&L development in which to hang out with colleagues or friends. They have an everyday $2.75 beer special that is constantly in rotation. EVERY DAY! It’s like HAPPY HOUR all the time. Beats the heck out of the typical downtown $5 beer! But if you MUST spend more than $2.75, the Flying Saucer has plenty of beers for ANY wallet. I’m too poor, however, to shell out the big bucks required for the $25 brew advertised on the display board above the bar. I can’t remember what it was called, but it doesn’t matter. All I saw was the price, and looked no further. Ouch!

A week ago or so, I met Bull E. Vard after work. I never can resist a Monday at the Saucer! Heck--Monday night is Pint Night! So I enjoyed a beer or three with him before heading home. Later that evening, Chambord and Weston called me, yes, from The Flying Saucer. “Come on down,” they said. “We need you here to enjoy Pint Night with us!” What could I say? I headed back down to my new favorite home-away-from-home.

Things I LIKE about the Flying Saucer:

    • Their website keeps track of all the top drinkers (Woo-Hoo! Go Bull!)
    • The bar backsplash is made with pennies
    • They have REAL dart boards (non-electronic)
    • Their sofa and lounge chair section is a perfect place to relax with amigos
    • They sell a DOUBLE CHOCOLATE STOUT ICE CREAM FLOAT (I mean, come ON!)
    • They have SUNDAY LOCAL BEER SPECIALS (who does that?!)
    • They have a BeerKnurd club where patrons can drink themselves silly and (after a liver replacement) earn a party worth $100 for you and your closest friends
    • And “Knurd” spelled backwards is DRUNK.How cool is that?!

Things I DISLIKE about the Flying Saucer:

    • It’s too far from my place (maybe 8 blocks)
    • And they charge $15 to join the BeerKnurd club… (but at least you get a T-shirt with your membership--so I guess this should really be a positive item?)

So, let’s face it. There are FAR MORE things to LIKE about the Flying Saucer than dislike. What are you waiting for?! Waitresses in catholic school girl skirts are waiting to take your BEER order!

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