Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So THAT'S why there's ICE in the urinal...

I had no idea.  This totally explains it!  (Thanks D.C. for the scoop!)

Dear Wes and Bull:

It was nice to have you and your friends at City Tavern. I'm surprised a bunch of old pub
crawlers like yourselves had never encountered ice in urinals before. The ice is there for
two reasons. First, the slow drip of the ice keeps water in the line, which keeps odors
from coming back into the restroom. Second, you got it... It is the little boy peeing in the
snow thrill,
which is our gift to our male customers, just as the flowers in the ladies room
is theirs. Hope to see you again soon.

All the best,

The City Tavern


  1. I've also heard that the ice thing is a way to combat crappy plumbing. Turn off the flushers and load it with ice, reduces the amount of liquid the pipes have to handle...

    Of course that could all be BS.