Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mosaic Lounge Opens in P & L

Click the picture for a Sneak Preview...


  1. That web site gave me a seizure.

  2. "Book your table now"

    Great, another douchebag magnet. Can't we just cut to the chase and locate these god damn things in JoCo?

    Who are these idiots that spend $400 on a bottle of booze and a juice collection. And how do I take advantage of their stupidity?

  3. The new "Kordish" P & L District is for complete fucking douchebags. I was turned away from 2 locations because I was wearing a FlexFit hat (KC Trail Nerds club hat). The fucking redneck wearing a tubed-out circa 1990s NASCAR hat and wearing a tee-shirt with the sleeves ripped-off, was let in without a fucking problem. A DRESS CODE FOR Bud-swilling redneck motherfuckers from hell...WTF?????? Who do they think will spend more money. FUCK DOWNTOWN.

    (I'm not mad or anything).

    Bad Ben

  4. Downtown is Good When You Go To The Studio...Local,Historical,Kansas City