Beer Bust

Perhaps one of the greatest righteous hoaxes occurred recently in Wisconsin. It seems my new bero, Dustin Zebro, was a little upset that several students in his high school were suspended for having pictures of them holding red cups at a party on sites like Facebook and Myspace. That's right the kids were suspended for being at a party with red cups. School administrators were speculating that those red cups held the dreaded beer or alcohol, but no proof of that actually existed.

Zebro my bero came up with the idea to get a keg of beer and drink the beer from red cups, take pictures and post them to Facebook, though the beer in question was of the root variety. That's right, Zebro bought a keg of root beer and invited his friends over for a keg party. The kids did keg stands, played beer pong and behaved like teenagers.

The stated purpose of this stunt was to make the school look foolish when the kids were suspended from school for being pictured with a red cup. But, it turns out the police got involved. Some complaints were made by neighbors because of the number of cars in the neighborhood. The police came to the party and administered Breathalyzer tests on all the kids. Everyone blew a 0.00. Luckily the cops behaved well after discovery of the ruse. I'm sure Lenexa police would be advocating abolition of the dreaded red cup because it's underage drinking paraphernalia as well as arresting the kids and parents. But, aside from administering Breathalyzer tests without probable cause (I'm assuming the kids submitted to the test) it looks like the police had a sense of humor about the thing. I wish some kid in Lenexa would try this.

So, in honor of April Fool's Day, I give you the video from that evening. I'd rather show you, our dear readers, a well orchestrated hoax than trying to Rickroll you.

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