Weston Box O' Craic

I picked up a variety pack of Weston Brewing's beers the other night, the Box O' Craic (not a typo). I spent all day today ready to absolutely decimate Weston Brewing for making horrible beers. See, the Box O' Craic contained 3 different beers; Festival Ale (Irish Brown), I.S.B (Irish Style Bitter) and the Emerald Lager. Over the past couple of days I drank the Festival Ale and the I.S.B. and I didn't like them. I didn't dump them out or anything, they just weren't very good. I don't come across too many brown ales that aren't good, but Weston had somehow created a pretty poor one. So today I was thinking I've had 3 Weston Brewery beers and didn't enjoy a one of them (the other is the Irish Cream Ale).

Well, this evening I cracked open the Emerald Lager to pair with my shrimp scampi over angel hair (I didn't have any wheat beers which would have gone perfectly). The lager was the least exciting thing in the box and I wasn't looking forward to it. But, it was perfect. I don't even have a criticism of it. I don't know of any plain old lagers that I like better, I'll go one step further and say that it was one of the better easy accessible beers I'm going to have this year.

I'm kind of excited about this find. I wonder when it will be available in sixers of it's own. The box says you can vote on your favorite at the Weston Irish Fest, but summer will be over by then and not really lager time. Dudes at Weston Brewing, scrap the other beers and just keep bottling the lager. It's fabulous, send me some sixers.

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