Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar

I picked up a bottle of this over at Gomer's in Lenexa. This beer came highly recommended from a dude I talked to at Bad Ben's BURP. I finally pulled the trigger on it last night. Stella was going out for a drink or two with her friends so I was staying home with the kids. After they went to bed, I popped "Superbad" into the DVD player and poured myself this wonderful beer.

Everyone who reads this blog has probably had a Newcastle Brown Ale, fewer have had a Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale (my favorite in the category). This beer is a sweeter version of these fine beers. I don't say this often in relation to beers, but my only complaint on the Hazelnut Brown Nectar is that it could have had a bit more sweetness. Otherwise it was perfect and certainly overtakes Sam Smith's Nut.

It was perfectly balanced with no flavor overpowering any other. The chocolate, brown sugar and ginger flavors all brought something to the table and the roasted nut flavor made the whole thing perfect.

Go out and buy this beer now. It's well worth the $5.25 for 24 ounces. You'll enjoy it.


  1. What the hell took you so long?

  2. You know kids, work, new bars opening, winter seasonals, ball waxing, all the normal stuff.

  3. Glad you enjoyed it! Rogue can do virtually no wrong in my eyes. I was fortunate enough to visit the brewery in Newport, OR last May and tasting this and several other Rogue brews fresh from the keg nearly reduced me to tears. The last thing the bartender poured me was a mix of the Nectar and their Chocolate Stout. Something they discovered after hours one night, I'm sure, but WOW. Liquid dessert, perfect sweetness. I'm getting all Pavlov's dog just thinking about it.

  4. I remember liking this the first time I tried it, but the second time, the hazelnut flavor was just too much. I couldn't finish it.

    I agree with you on the Sam Smith. Brown ale isn't usually at the top of my list – I think Newcastle is overrated – but Sam Smith's Nut is da bomb.

  5. Newcastle is for Beer Newbies. Nothing bad about it; it's just for folks who have started to figure out that beer doesn't have to be bland lager. From there, the newbies move up to Fat Tire and others. It's a good "gateway beer."

    Sam Smith's is a good brown. On tap at Barley's is another interesting brown ale: Avery Brewing's Ellie's Brown. It's more of a "session" brown, and goes down easily. An interesting beer.

    I brew a brown about once every two years. It's fun to try to make this sometimes uninteresting style of ale, interesting.