Raglan Road Entertainment

After Stella and I finished at Gordon-Biersch the other night we walked around the KC Live block. I showed her where the slut and one night stand bars were; Tengo Sed Cantina and Angel's Rock Bar. We checked out the Living Room, which seemed pretty cool. We walked upstairs to Howl at the Moon, but there was a line so we decided to go down to Raglan Road.

When I went there on their opening night, I was pretty impressed and happy with my experience with a few caveats. Those caveats turned out to be truveats (I just made that up, I'm not even sure it makes sense, but I'm going with it anyway). The overcompensation was in full force and the place seemed a lot more fake than it seemed on opening night. I admit it could have just been the crowd that night; drunk fake cowboys. But it seemed like we were sitting in an Epcot Center bar.
Once we were able to secure a table to sit down (for the first time in a good 3 hours) the band was starting to warm up. Band is a strong word, it was really just 2 dudes. When they started the actual set, Raglan Road turned into a pretty good time again. I love my Irish music and the entertainment on Saturday night knew their Irish standards and did a good job. It sure made Stella happy.

At one point an Irish dancer girl climbed up on a table and did a jig. I would have enjoyed it more if it weren't for the bartender from opening night trying to convince some rubes that the Irish dancer lass was the owner's girlfriend. Nonetheless, it was still enjoyable. I did get a little video of the band singing one of my favorite Irish songs.

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