O'Malley's Irish Pub

Had the privilege of visiting O'Malley's Restaurant and Pub in Weston today with my little brother, Old Style, and his wife, Tequila Rose. (We actually did get to sample some Tequila Rose at Weston's McCormick Distillery. But it wasn't really the actual distillery--only the "retail shop" on Weston's main drag. There are, unfortunately, no public tours of the historic McCormick Distillery in Weston....)

I was really excited to show Old Style and Tequila Rose the underground cave bars, but they didn't open until one o'clock--and it was merely 12:58. So, we decided to eat at the restaurant first. My parents, Pilgrim Ale and Church Wine, ate with us. Being the teetotalers they are, they were a bit shocked to see Old Style and me order the brewery beer samplers. My mom's eyes bugged when our five Dixie Cup-sized beers came rolling out of the bar area. "You have to drive," Church Wine noted. I told her not to worry, and that three tablespoons of fresh ale aren't enough to impair even a toddler... Old Style and I took turns trying the different beers, and both agreed that the new "Jesse James" concoction was pretty darn tasty. It is their fifth beer to date, and I believe one of their finest yet! Old Style's favorite brew was the Emerald Lager.

After lunch, I took the lot down into the cellar, deep beneath the brewery. Old Style was immediately impressed and wanted to hit the bar. The parentals were not amused, so we headed up the ramp and stairs to the bar entrance. Instead, we all walked over to the winery and sampled some vino delicioso! Old Style and Tequila Rose bought a couple bottles "as souvenirs" to take back to their friends in Wichita. (I honestly think it was for them, but that's not important.)

Upcoming events at O'Malley's:

Four Days of Live Irish Music! This completely shamrockin' weekend is Friday-Monday, March 14-17. There will be traditional food and drink, and the MOST IRISH MUSIC this side of the Atlantic.

Witness the unveiling of the fourth and SECRET CELLAR! One night only, April 11th, 2008! All other viewings will be by arrangement only. Normal Friday night cover of $5 will apply. Do not miss out on this historic occasion!!!


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