Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gordon-Biersch Brewery opens Monday!

To watch the video, click here.

I just hope they have some oompa-oompa girls, lugging large fistfuls of bier! This makes me excited for Oktoberfest. It's September 26th this year, which is only 204 days away!! Not that I'm counting.

Hopefully the good folks at Gordon-Biersch will sponsor a P&L District Oktoberfest that will be "much better than" the Crown Center festival. I have seen better events. Something less family-friendly, perhaps, without as many kids running around. I guess that's the lure of having a beer festival amongst the playing-fountains? Maybe if the fountains were to spew beer? Yes. That's the ticket. Kansas City, known for it's fountains, needs to fill them all with BEER for Oktoberfest. That will put us on the map for sure. I'll get on it right away. (I know people.)


  1. Did you guys get invited to their kickoff party Staurday night? I recieved an invite and RSVP'd, but have not heard back from anyone.

    I saw a glass drinking boot at the one in Phx a month or so ago. I wonder if it is an ordering option.

  2. No we didn't get an invite to the opening. Now I'm bummed.

  3. wow, this might actually be good. That big guy in the video looks like he has some good beer and food to share with KC - i have high hopes. also, really great fountain idea - that's nutty! you know, with all the ridiculous fountain coloring that goes on around here, I am actually quite surprised they don't turn the fountains beer-colored for octoberfest.

  4. I can turn the fountains (used) beer-colored. Just give me enough beer.

    Bad Ben

  5. I can't wait. Although I would have to say that Flying Saucer is better. When does that joint open? I'm lobbying them to try and bring Magic Hat Beer across the Mississippi.