"Give Yourself a Ray's"

Chambord's boyfriend, Weston, bestows upon us his First Beer Blog entry!!I was supposed to be driving around the city with my boss today, checking on customers. After a very snowy morning, I find myself sitting in the office not going anywhere... And, the lady at a desk across the room just farted and I am offended. So… what better way to brighten the mood than write my very first BEER BLOG essay!

Actually, this is the second entry. I wrote for an hour about two weeks ago and had this incredible fairy tale of beer and bars. I went to copy from Microsoft Word to the blog and the entire thing was erased. Mr. Weston was not happy. After a two week hiatus, I have cooled my ill temper and again am trying to get my story out.

Last Friday, Chambord and I found ourselves at Rancho Grande in Liberty for dinner. (Editors Sidenote: Rancho Grande is an awesome place for Taco Tuesdays, but not any other day of the week)... After a pitcher of VERY strong margaritas and almost passing out at the table, I stumbled out the door and found myself staring at the front of Pop-A-Top Liquor Store & Deli.

Pop-A-Top has always had very interesting specials and events. This was no exception. A sign out front said “Come Meet Ray Hill.” While altogether interesting, Chambord and I had no idea who Ray Hill was. We needed to investigate. I am sure glad we did. Ray Hill has developed and American Style Pilsner over in St. Louis. When I think of St. Louis beer, it was hard to believe that Ray could get a foothold in on Budweiser. He has developed this beer in his kitchen for years. It got so good (as I can attest, for he had free samples) that his friends asked to start buying it. Ray, knowing he had an opportunity, did what any other forthright business person would do. He sold absolutely everything he owned and started production on this beer. Not having the resources to do it himself, he rented the resources of Budweiser. This allows him to distribute a truly amazing beer. This American Pilsner has a smooth, creamy, butter-like characteristic while having a full-bodied flavorful lager taste on the tongue.

After tasting, Chambord and I bought a six pack. Ray even signed a bottle for us it said “Chambord and Weston, Give yourself a Ray’s! The funny part about that was, I didn’t get it until I sobered up. We also scored a free black T-shirt that said Ray Hill’s American Lager on the front of it.

Having tired myself long ago of the Bud Lights, Coors Lights and Miller Lites of the world, I moved on to better beers. But now, I am getting Boulevard’ed out. Their Smokestack series is too heavy to drink in larger quantities (not to mention alcohol content) and Guinness bottles just aren’t the same as on tap. I think this is my new beer of choice when chilling out at home, for the time being. Anyone looking for a new lager, this is a great choice.

You can read Ray's amazing story here!

Check out the Ray Hill website as well.

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