Ted's Montana Bar and Grill downtown

I had some time to kill this afternoon before working out with Chambord and Weston, so I thought I'd take a stab a someplace new. That someplace turned out to be Ted's Grill, which opened last week in the Power and Light District. It was pretty much a toss-up between there and Famous Dave's BBQ, which also opened last week, but Ted's won the coin toss this time. I have to admit, I've never been to a Ted's in the past, and was pleasantly surprised at the experience (even though it was a chain restaurant). I really enjoyed the Old West motif -- big, wooden bar, old-fashioned light fixtures, large, comfortable booths...

The place was empty when I walked in, albeit many staffers were running around prepping for the day ahead. I arrived at 11:30 (they opened at 11), and had my choice of bar stools. Sean the bartender promptly acknowledged me took my order. It was fun to chat him up on his perceptions of the new bar district... He said that he is a lifelong resident of the KC area and is elated that downtown finally has something going for itself! I asked him if they'd been busy yet there at Ted's, and he said that if there is an event at the Sprint Center then the restaurant is packed. "The lunch crowd," he noted, "has been hit or miss." He said that not many people know that anything is even open yet in the P&L, so he's not surprised it hasn't been too busy. But there are a lot of businesses within walking distance. "H&R Block is right next door, and The Star is right around the corner," he said. In a few months when the construction slows down, and more businesses open, more people will venture downtown to check out the new venues for entertainment.

I enjoyed my freshly squeezed Guinness from the tap, friendly service, and an enormous, heaping Cobb salad (which is my second favorite menu item after the standard club sandwich). The menu fare was pretty reasonable, and I plan to return soon. It will be a fantastic place to be able to walk to from my downtown residence!

On the way back to the car, I passed Famous Dave's where a portly stuffed pig (which I assume was an employee dressed in a costume) greeted me on the sidewalk and offered me a menu. The pig scared me a little, but I will still be headed back within a week or two to give some BBQ a try! I may have to hold off, however, until after I indulge in this week's opening of Chipotle on Wednesday, the 27th of February! THIS will be my new place of residence, I'm afraid. If you need to get a hold of Wes Port, and cannot find him, please swing by Chipotle---odds are he'll be sitting inside, hands wrapped around a chicken and black bean burrito.

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