Fireside Drinking

It sure was cold yesterday. I was able to get out from work early enough to go get a beer. I emailed, phoned and texted Wes to see if he was interested in a drink. I was almost past the point of no return (20th St and I-35) when he called and said he could meet for a quick one (get your mind out of the gutter). We triangulated our positions and after I shot down Lulu's Thai Noodles we decided upon the bar in Fiorella's Jack Stack BBQ in the Freighthouse district.

If not for this weird series of events I don't think I would have thought of the Jack Stack bar as someplace to get a beer, other than while waiting to be seated. But really, it's a pretty cool little bar/lounge area. There's a smoking hot fire and couches and chairs in the bar as well as several barstools at the square wraparound bar. It's about as cozy of a place to get a beer as any place I've been to in town. something about the wood work and a fire makes me feel right at home. Let me tell you, that fire was super warm, it was actually nice to enjoy a cold (and the beer is really cold at Jack Stack) beer on a cold day in front of a fire. Oh and of course, the smell emanating from the kitchen was stupendous.

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