Very Bad Elf

I've been dreading this night for a couple of weeks now. A couple of weeks ago Stella informed me I had the ultimate Christmas present to put together for the girls. We have to travel for the next couple of days before we get back to lovely Overland Park for Christmas so this was going to be my last chance to get this bad boy put together before Christmas. For those reading that are under 7 quit reading now. OK, now that I have only adults here, this present is going to be my girls' gift from Santa, so it needs to be put together and put in front of the tree on Christmas morning. This was to be a daunting task for your second favorite beer blogger (let's face it, y'all love Wes more). I needed a beer to go with my challenge. Lucky for me my work bud, Hazed and Infused brought me a bottle of Very Bad Elf. So here it comes the first annual Christmas beer review/toy assembly.
Look at all these pieces, I thought I was screwed.
Good thing I have this pretty beer with an elf hiding scissors behind his back on the label. I have a feeling I'm going to be a very bad non-elf when I'm done with this thing.
I used one of my pint glasses for the beer. The pour was an orangy amber color with a very small, nearly nonexistent head. I thought the aroma was pretty weak with no overpowering smells. It could have been the overwhelming smell of plastic that filled the air ruining my nose. The taste was a little more hoppy than I expected for a winter seasonal. It didn't really carry a heavy malt flavor that is the usual in a winter style beer. Usually I like a hoppy beer, but this one didn't really distinguish itself. Aside from the high alcohol content it was nothing special. As I always try to get across though, this is still a good beer, better than most, it just didn't ring my bell this evening. OK, it rang my bell a little, but it wasn't the elf's balls.
As for the beauty salon, it went together surprisingly easy. The Black & Decker power drill was almost the only tool that I needed to get the thing put together. There were a couple of tight spots I couldn't get the drill into, but, that's alright, Stella has a tight place the Bull E. Vard power drill doesn't really fit either, we have to make due with other, smaller tools.
Look at my fantastic work. That's a Boulevard Stout sitting there. It unfortunately took over 2 hours to get the thing put together, which is a lot longer than Very Bad Elf lasted.

As an aside, in my research for this writing, it appears that the elf series of beers is outlawed in Connecticut because those Liebermanites believe that they promote drinking to the young folk. So drinking Very Bad Elf or Seriously Bad Elf is politically incorrect, it may score a little higher in my book now.

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