Swill of the Season

I don't know if the coffee porter is gone or not, I say good riddance if it is. But 75th Street Brewery is tapping a new seasonal on Monday.
XXX-Mas Ale!

We're tapping into this keg of cheer

Monday 12/10 @ 5:30p!

Baby, it's c-c-cold outside, but we've got our 7.7%abv brew to keep you in the warm & fuzzy spirit of the season...

XXX-Mas Ale has a rich history as a holiday favorite at the Brewery. Brewed with orange peel, nutmeg, coriander, cinnamon & ginger + Belgian yeast [think of it as the trimming on the ol' tannenbaum] XXX-Mas is so nice it oughta be naughty.

Don't be a scrooge - stop by 75th Street for a pint, 20oz pour or mug of our XXX-Mas Ale.

And remember, they can get you a lump of coal. But you can get yourself a growler to go!

See you Monday.


Your brewers at 75th Street Brewery

I believe I will see them on Monday. I expect to see you.

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