Saturday, December 1, 2007

¡La Bodega es mi Favorita!

Last night after work, I joined some colleagues of mine for happy hour beverages and half-price appetizers at La Bodega! This joint never fails to deliver. At 4:00 in the afternoon, the dining room and bar is not crowded, and the staff is attentive. We shared tapas-sized plates of jamón Ibérico (Iberian ham), meatballs, tortilla española (the famous Spanish potato omelet), and a pitcher of sangria which was also at half-price.

Typically, the menu items are small-portioned and expensive, but during happy hour you can easily afford to try some great new foods at a true bargain. And be sure to order one of the great Boulevard beers on tap at the bar. They don't have any of the new seasonal brews , but they do have all of the best standards: porter, wheat, pale ale...

For more details, check out the previous KC Beer Blog posting on this great Kansas City establishment!


  1. La Bodega is one of my favorites, too. I heard that the people responsible for it are involved with a new place by Martini Corner, at 31st and Gillam. Anyone have more info on that?

  2. Hey KC Guy, we had a post about the Bottle Rocket right here

  3. Aha! Thanks. I think I'm still a little confused, but getting better.

    It seems that there are two things going into that corner. Just East of Sol Cantina appears to be a coming gym or spa or something.

    Then, across 31st (where the Spy Agency closed down) will be a "pan-asian" place called "Bottle Rocket" that I guess the La Bodega folks are involved with.

    I guess I thought there were two bars there. I may still have the corners switched around. I guess that I'll drive by there pretty soon and check on the progress. That will probably clear up which location is which business. They probably won't let me drink in the fitness place, I guess.

    Thanks for the help!

  4. OK. I drove by last night. You're right, Bottle Rocket will be on the Northwest corner. The new fitness joint is one unit North of that, and is apparently already open (but who cares).

    I didn't see a sign on the old Spy Agency to tell us what's coming. Probably Starbucks, I guess, though, knowing my luck.