Beer in the News

The Canadian government commissioned a study that found that the staple of our friends to the north's homes, the beer fridge, is bad for the environment. The beer fridge is usually an old model refrigerator that uses more energy than the newfangled refrigerators Canadians were forced to buy in the past decade to comply with some stupid Canadian law. My favorite part of the article though, was the writer's contempt for Canadians.
The problem is that the beer fridges are mostly decades-old machines that began their second careers as beverage dispensers when Canadians upgraded to more energy-efficient models to store whatever Canadians eat besides doughnuts and poutine(emphasis mine).

The writer apparently couldn't be bothered to find out that Canadians also love to eat maple syrup and ham. Although, poutine is really really good.

h/t The Club for Growth.

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