Smokestack Series is OUT NOW!

I had a nice surprise, nay 2 nice surprises this evening on a quick liquor store run. I was upset I was going to miss the firkin porter from 75th Street tonight so I thought I'd pick up the chocolate stout from Rogue Brewing. I went over to Gomer's in Lenexa because I saw it there Saturday. When I walked in the door and turned to the left I saw the beautiful Boulevard Nutcracker Ale, one of my favorites, and Stella's favorite. I picked up a sixer and grabbed my Rogue Choc Stout and walked up to the counter. It wasn't very busy over at Gomer's so the clerk watched me walk up and I lifted up the sixer of Nutcracker and asked if they just got this out today. He said yes and then he dropped the bomb, "We also got the Smokestack Series in today". Now I've been in some pain after a little surgical procedure last week and haven't been moving that well but I moved like when I was a spry 20 year old when told this info. The clerk led the way and I ran to put back the Rogue (always be a good customer) and saw the 4 new releases in all their glory. I'm not going to lie, the guy who runs the house was a little stiff if you know what I mean. I picked out just 2, the Sixth Glass and the IPA. The clerk said Sixth Glass was the bomb and I had to have it. He also said he knew I was a beer lover because of the informed question about the Nutcracker.

Quick note, the Smokestack Series beers are $7.49 and the size of a wine bottle. You may need a drinking buddy to get through one. I wouldn't recommend recorking the bottle. I, however, am going it alone this evening with the Sixth Glass. A review will be up shortly, probably tomorrow. But, the quick review is this beer is the beer god's balls.

Run, don't walk, to get your Boulevard Smokestack beers today.

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