Free State in Bottles?

I think I'm on record as saying that nothing good comes from Lawrence, if I'm not then go ahead and put me on the record. But I offer one caveat, Free State Brewery in Lawrence puts out mighty great beer. It's fairly hard to get because it's not been bottled in the past. That appears to not be the case in the near future if Chuck Magerl, proprietor of Free State, can convince the stiffs in the Kansas legislature to step into this century and repeal some stupid law that prevents brewpubs from bottling. Free State looks to be brewing in bottles by the end of 2008. The great blog Nebraska Beer apparently reads the Lawrence paper (perhaps in search of a winning football team) and has the scoop.

Currently, if you're not going to drive into the Lawrence wasteland, you can get Free State on tap at Papa Keno's in downtown Overland Park. This works out great for this beer drinker because I can call in a pizza order, drive the 5 minutes over to Old Town, drink a Free State while they finish my order and then bring a nice meal home to the Bull E. Vard fam. On the rare occasions my pizza is done by the time I get over there, I mention that I was going to have a beer while I waited on it and the counter guy will say he was mistaken, my pizza won't be done for a couple of minutes I might as well go ahead and have that beer.

I can't wait until I can go to my friendly neighborhood liquor store and pick up some Free State Copperhead Pale Ale, Free State Wheat State Golden or my favorite Free State Ad Astra Ale.

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