Monday, November 19, 2007

Boulevard Double Wide IPA

This was probably my most awaited beer experience of the year. An IPA, one of my favorite beer styles, from my favorite brewer, Boulevard. I would equate my excitement for this as my excitement to see "American Pie" when it came out, I saw it on vacation, in Florida, at Universal Studios. I just couldn't wait and I wanted the conditions to be perfect. I spent a day cleansing my palate from the exquisite Boulevard Sixth Glass and made my favorite snack for an IPA, some simple salt and black pepper popcorn.

Normally, there would be a pretty picture of a masterfully poured beer right here, but they were loaded on to the home laptop, which no longer can charge because of the horribly cheap charger plug being a little too easy to break. A new one is on order, so don't fear, I'll get some pictures up.

I didn't use the preferred glassware, a tulip, because I like IPA's in a simple pint glass. So I used my IPA glass, it's one of my favorites. I popped up my popcorn and got my Double Barrel IPA straight from the refrigerator. After a horrible struggle with the cork that almost claimed the Bull E. Vard bulldog's life as well as the continued function of my right hand, I cranked that cork out. The pour produced an orangy-amber colored drink with just a touch of cloudiness. I didn't screw up the pour and got a nice 1 finger tall white head. The smell was kind of lemony which usually portends great things, especially in an IPA. The taste was good, I was expecting a sharp hops bite but what I got was a fairly balanced drinking IPA. The hops didn't overpower the malt as in most IPA's. The flavor starts out citrusy, lemon and maybe some grapefruit, it finishes with a faint sweet caramel flavor. The hops mafia never takes this brew over.

Get your pitchforks ready, but I didn't feel this IPA was special at all. It was good, don't get me wrong, but for $6.99/bottle and having to drink the equivalent of 3 beers in one sitting, it's just not going to be worth the effort very often. Maybe I love hops too much and they just weren't there in full force or maybe it was too balanced (a quality I don't look for in an IPA) but this beer certainly didn't live up to expectations. I would feel the same way about "American Pie" without Stifler, but Stifler made that movie, a little more hops and less malt would have made this a perfect beer. Instead it's just a pedestrian good beer.
Good news, though for all of you looking to buy your favorite KC bloggers a Chrismukkah present, Smokestack Series Glasses.


  1. Anyone in KCK find this stuff? I dropped by a couple of liquor stores last night, one by the Legends and another off 78th and Parallel. Neither store had it. The owner of the 78th St store went into a rant about how his distributor would only sell if he purchased cases of all 4. He seemed pretty grumpy about it, which made me wonder if many small liquor stores would pony up in order to carry it. Maybe I need to hit up the RED X.

  2. Ok so the Riverside Red X has all four but its not in the aisles. You gotta ask for it.

    They also have a "build your own six pack" rack but having gotten home and taken a closer look at each beer I may have gotten tricked into buying a nice varity of old beer (one says it was bottled April 2007.

    Oh well, live and learn?

  3. I had no problem finding when it in the Mission area when it first hit the shelves, but most places sold out last week. Batson's on Johnson Dr told me to not expect the next batch until the 1st of the year.

  4. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  5. I think it's a great beer. There shouldn't be an expectation when drinking this to expect a hoppy IPA. This beer is not that.
    what is is is an extremely smooth beer, with great lacing and head retention. high attenuation but also rather thick. It's a sipping beer.
    only a pussy would complain about having to drink 3 beers. I drink 3 beers before I go to work everyday.

    You are a horrible beer critic.