Monday, September 10, 2007

Stella Swag

The fine folks at Stella Artois have deemed Wes and myself worthy of some swag. They contacted us a couple of weeks ago asking if we wanted to view their new website before anyone else. I'm sure they only found us through a Google search, but the Stella dude had obviously spent some time reading the blog, he didn't send a form letter, it was a detailed email with specific references to posts. Anyway we got the sweet stuff pictured, there's a dead dude in the poster, which makes me want to drink beer. We get a sneak peak at the website on the 15th, we'll let you know if it's worth your time, we've added their blog (which is related to the theatrical website) to our blogroll.

If I say that I love Stella Artois does that make me a whore? Maybe I'll change my name to Whore E. Vard, I give it up for 4 coasters and a poster.


  1. I always get a nasty headache after drinking that stuff.

  2. Hey guys, obviously this is off topic. I got your request for a link from the UNOB.

    If one or both of you wishes to write a beer or bar review, or become a Beer Delegate, then we can talk about it.


    Ashley Cotter-Cairns
    Secretary General, the United Nations (of Beer)