The Bulldog Happy Hour

The other night Bull, a few of his downtown coworker-groupies and I, made a trip to the Bulldog restaurant in the Crossroads Arts District. The conversation flowed in several languages (Spanish and Office Lingo being the two most common) and the Stella Artois flowed like 641-year old beer. And although the bar had a nice variety of beers from which to choose, they didn't offer any pumpkin beer to speak of, which disappoints me greatly being nearly pumpkin season and all. I still managed, however, to crack a large smile when my waitress brought Bull and me a round of Stellas in fancy glasses. My glasses were the sexy, x-ray kind--the kind you use to secretly glimpse through clothes. Bull's were more of the super-magnified, pop bottle variety; he reminded me of a character I once saw on Gilligan's Island I'm not sure, but I bet he could see through clothing with those as well.

Bull's wife, Stella, yeah, no surprise there, called during the "meeting" per se to find out when he'd be home. Guess she was ready to go out for a beer herself… So the meeting adjourned almost as quickly as it had begun. It was a bitter-sweet ending to a fine happy hour, but Bull and I still sported broad smiles as we were wrapping up Stella-Round-Three and saying our goodbyes.

On another note, it's been awhile since I've eaten at the Bulldog, but you need to know that the food is excellent. And a really fantastic thing about the menu is that no matter what you order, it will go quite nicely with a Stella Artois. Well, maybe not the fried banana sundae, but hey, who's gonna know? I enjoyed the Chicken Madeira which came accompanied by some nearly-as-tasty-as-mom's mashed potatoes and mushroom sauce garnished with steamed asparagus. I've also tried the Encrusted Mahi with Basmati Rice. Very good selections. Next time, and Bull will appreciate this, I'm going to try out their Bulldog Club Sandwich. Nothing, almost NOTHING beats a classic club. You really can't ever go wrong with a club, unless you're in the Brittany Spears fan club. That would be an example of a "super bad club," unless you're into autographed panty pics...then it might not be such a bad thing.

Oh, and if you're driving to the Bulldog (located at 17th and Main) you need to take the Mini-Cooper as the adjacent parking lot is SMALLER THAN FREAKING PLUTO.

Bulldog Happy Hour Specials

Mon-Fri 3:00 - 7:30

Reverse Happy Hour 11 - Close

Saturday Happy Hour!

5:00 - 9:00

$2.50 Wells

$1.00 off Draft Beers

$1.00 off Wines-by-the-Glass

50%-off Select Wine Bottles Mon. & Sat. Nights

$4.00 Martinis Wednesdays 5:00-Close

$4.00 Drink Special every Sunday 5-Close

Happy Hour FOOD MENU!

(applies to early happy hour, M-F only)

$5.00 Cheese Fries

$5.00 Popcorn Shrimp

$5.00 Shrimp Quesadilla

$5.00 Potato Skins

$5.00 Veggie Egg Rolls

$5.00 Chicken Pesto Pizza

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