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Monday, September 19

Sully's Sullied

Stella and I had some free time Saturday afternoon and I wanted to give Sully's a shot. In case you don't know, and you wouldn't if you never go to Mission, Sully's is the bar that took over the rat hole that was JJ's Other Place. Drinking in Mission, KS can rarely be a good experience outside of RJ's Bob-be-que. Pretty much every place is a dive and anything outside of big macro and Boulevard Wheat is impossible to get on draft. But, I'd heard that Sully's was trying to sell better beer and that was enough to get me in the door.

Sully's was definitely a step up from JJ's Other Place. It was clean and nice looking, had a couple of real nice dartboards and a very nice shuffleboard game. We found a place to sit in front of the TV showing the Rays-Red Sox game. I've been enjoying the Red Sox collapse for the past couple of weeks so I spent a lot of time with the Rays and Red Sox over the weekend. Then the lone bartender came over to our table to take our order, a couple of Bob's 47's (on tap). Of the 8 taps at Sully's, only 3 are of the macro variety and the light version of each of the major brands. The other 5 were Boulevard Pale Ale, Bob's, Ranger IPA, Fat Tire, Free State Ad Astra and something else.

Monday, August 29

Tailgating at RJ's

Like the Chiefs? Don't have tickets to the game or want to watch a road game with like minded Chiefs fans? RJ's Bob-be-que in Mission has a great deal for gamedays starting with the last exhibition game this Thursday. $25 gets you 5 drink tickets (update: this includes all bottles, draws and well drinks; on tap will be Free State, Sam Adams and Spaten Octoberfests as well as Boulevard Wheat and Boston Lager) plus a buffet with chips and dips, hot dogs, burgers, ribs, wings and sides and a good seat for the Chiefs game on the RJ's patio.

RJ's is one of my favorite places in town namely because it's pretty close to my house and they have very good barbecue, it's my chosen neighborhood bar. $25 for 5 beers and all you can eat ribs and wings during a football game is a great deal. RJ's also has a pretty good beer selection so you're not going to be forced to choke down Bud Light or Miller Lite. You'll be able to watch the Chiefs with some Free State on tap, Boulevard and Tallgrass. The bottled beer selection, while not wide ranging, is certainly more extensive than any other barbecue restaurant in town and more extensive than can typically be found in Mission (though I've heard the new bar in the former JJ's Other Place spot, Sully's, is trying to be a little more beer centric than its predecessor). 

I'm not sure if this is the best deal in town, but it does seem really cheap for the amount of beer and all you can eat ribs (and really good ribs at that). If you know of any Chiefs gameday specials that rival this leave it in comments. The RJ's tailgate parties start 1 hour before game time.