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Thursday, August 8

Short Pours - 8/8/13

Crazy Eye and Tin Man come to Kansas

Though that headline sounds like the title of a terrible B-Horror movie, it's actually an indication of two new breweries who will bringing their beer to Kansas over the course of the next few weeks. First up is Crazy Eye Brewing, out of Hiawatha, Kansas. Crazy Eye, which opened last year, has been slowly marching their way from festival pouring to distribution (they don't have a taproom...yet). A couple locations in Lawrence and Topeka received kegs in early July, but now Crazy Eye will be hitting the market in full force, distributing kegs throughout the market in late August. Keep an eye out here as that time period approaches, as there may be some special events to celebrate their launch.

Monday, August 5

Short Pours - 8/5/13

Kansas to receive Enjoy By 09.13.13

Right on the heels of Stone Brewing Company's Kansas launch, the brewery is including the state in their next release of Enjoy By IPA, Enjoy By 09.13.13. I'll explain the routine again for those who may have missed it the first few times when Enjoy By came to Missouri. If you dig Enjoy By and want to see more of it come to Kansas, make sure to tweet #EnjoyBy #KS. The results are tallied on the official Enjoy By website, where groups of states are pitted against one another. Look for Enjoy By 09.13.13 to hit shelves between 8/12 and 8/14, depending on what area you are in.

Tuesday, July 23

Short Pours - 7/23/13

Boulevard releases Pop-Up IPA

Boulevard unleashed a new year-round addition to their core line of beers yesterday with the public release of Pop-Up IPA, a session IPA coming in at 4.2% ABV and 40.5 IBUs (more details in the image below). This beer has been circulating as a test beer for a while, so you may have gotten a preview taste of the product already at the Boulevard taproom or at a festival. Pop-Up started showing up on taps yesterday and will also be available in six-packs in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, June 26

Stone Brewing Company coming to Kansas

Fresh..or should I say DEVASTATINGLY FRESH (I'm so sorry) out of my e-mail inbox, Stone Brewing Company has announced that starting July 22nd, their beers will be available in Kansas, distributed through Central States Beverage Company in the Kansas City area. The year-round beers that will initially be available in Kansas include:

Tuesday, December 4

Peace Tree Brewing expands to Kansas

Move over, Hoppin' Frog. Kansas can finally lay claim to one more brewery's products that Missouri doesn't receive. You may have had the opportunity to try some of Peace Tree Brewing's beer when they were here this Spring for Parkville Microbrew Festival.  It was announced in mid-November that the Knoxville, Iowa brewery was expanding its Midwest distribution, but at that point it was only noted that they were 'working with' a distributor in Kansas. So I was a bit surprised when I already spotted six-packs of Hop Wrangler at Lukas in Overland Park last week. I reached out to Peace Tree and here are some of the details of their new distribution plans in Kansas City:

- Beers are being distributed via the Kansas Craft Alliance, which in the KC area, is handled by Crawford Sales Co.

- Initially, the brands that will be available for purchase will include the core beers; Red Rambler (Amber/Red Ale), Blonde Fatale (Belgian-style blonde) and Hop Wrangler (IPA). They plan to expand into other brands and seasonals as they can and where availability will allow. (fingers crossed for Rye Porter)

- Currently, only bottles are available in retail and at bars and restaurants. Draft is expected to come eventually, but there's no specific timeframe for when that will happen.

- As of now, they have no plans to expand distribution to Missouri in the near future.

At Lukas, prices for the beers ranged from around $9.50 to $11 for a six-pack. Peace Tree packaging is hard to miss with the stubby bottles and colorful artwork, so keep an eye out the next time you're beer shopping in Kansas and give this Iowa brewery a try!

Thursday, November 8

Santa Fe Brewing Company in Kansas City

Another brewery is about to make its entrance into the Kansas City market, this time all the way from New Mexico. Santa Fe Brewing Company is the state's oldest microbrewery (founded in 1988), and starting Monday, November 12th, will be available in the Kansas City area (both Kansas and Missouri!) courtesy of Central States Beverage.

Thursday, October 4

Chimay Speciale Cent Cinquante in Kansas

These days, it's rare for Kansas to see a special offering from a brewery that Missouri doesn't (Hoppin' Frog products are the only thing that comes to mind immediately). However, for once Kansas isn't receiving the short end of the beer stick, thanks to the latest release from Chimay, Speciale Cent Cinquante.

Friday, June 22

Deschutes Kansas rollout, Chainbreaker in Missouri

The wait for Deschutes Brewery to finally enter the Missouri market seemed eternal, and since they finally arrived, the wait for them to come to Kansas has seemed equally long. Originally aimed for March, the launch had been pushed back, but we finally have a mostly definitive answer on when Deschutes beer will be available on the Kansas side.

Deschutes posted a press release on Wednesday, noting that Black Butte Porter and Mirror Pond Pale Ale will start being sold in Kansas on Monday, July 16th in both six-packs and on draft. That much is certain. The next part of the announcement, in relation to the rest of the lineup and special releases, is a little more vague. It claims that 'before 2012 is over' the brewery intends to bring in additional brands including limited releases and seasonals.

Deschutes will be distributed in Kansas by the Kansas Craft Alliance, which is a group made up of a dozen distributors spread across the state.

In other local Deschutes news, the wonderful world of Twitter helped solidify some information on the release of Chainbreaker White IPA in Missouri. Deschutes' new Missouri Market Manager Karen King tweeted that Chainbreaker on draft will begin rolling out in July, and 6-packs would start showing up at stores in the Fall. Still a bit vague, but at least we have a little bit more of a set timeline for when this new Deschutes beer will be available for us to drink.

Chainbreaker is a year-round beer that, as described by Deschutes, is "brewed with wheat and pilsner malt; this IPA displays beautiful citrus aromas from Cascade and Citra hops that meld with the esters of Belgian yeast. Think thirst quenching hopped-up wit beer with enough IBUs to warrant the IPA name."

Are you looking forward to Deschutes finally rolling out in Kansas? Some of you have already tried Chainbreaker at festivals this spring/summer, what did you think?

Friday, June 15

Kansas: Come On, Get Happy (Hour)

Kansas finally took a step forward into the 1900's by passing a series of new liquor laws that will soon benefit bars, liquor stores and customers alike.

For starters, happy hour will return to Kansas bars and restaurants after a 27 year hiatus. Drink specials no longer have to be offered for an entire day, which will allow establishments to draw more traffic with extra deals and incentives to come in after work. I'll be interested to see how some bars handle this, whether they will replace their daily drink specials or supplement them. For example, will Barley's still offer $3 IPAs/$4 DIPAs all day on Wednesday, or change that to a happy hour special?.

But the other new law that I am even more excited about (and isn't getting quite as much attention from local media) is that liquor stores will finally be able to offer customers samples of beer, wine and liquor. This obviously sets the stage for Kansas liquor stores to hold beer tasting events, and I have my fingers crossed that they will take advantage and give more customers the chance to explore craft beer.

Once again, I'll be curious to see how the liquor stores on the Kansas side approach this new opportunity. Will Gomer's start doing weekly tastings like Gomer's South does? Will any be motivated enough to do a large scale tasting event like Berbiglia did during American Craft Beer Week? Or will most of them just keep on doing business as usual and not integrate any new beer events?

Though Sam Brownback is still pretty much the worst person ever (I hope he doesn't tell my principal I said that), I'm happy to hear that Kansas is making progress in their prehistoric liquor laws. Despite the Kansas House's concern that happy hour will turn us all into reckless, felony-committing binge drinkers (we're pretty much already there), I think it's pretty obvious that these changes will benefit everybody, and allow establishments and retailers to have more freedom in how they run their businesses.

These laws go into effect July 1st, so keep an eye out at your favorite Kansas bars and liquor stores to see what kind of changes they will be making.

See you at Happy Hour!

Wednesday, January 18

Kansas Samplers

To say Kansas liquor laws are absurd is an understatement, but finally, at least one of the ridiculous ones may be coming to an end. A proposed bill has been presented to the Kansas Senate that would allow liquor stores to offer samples of products inside their retail establishments.

Obviously, if this measure is passed, this opens up the door for beer tastings to take place within the confines of liquor stores on the Kansas side. Naturally, these stores and their owners are already showing strong support for the bill, including Marshall Rimann of Rimann Liquors, who spoke about the proposal, and specifically about the booming craft beer segment, on KMBC 9 News.

If passed, the bill would limit portions to 1/2 ounce for distilled spirits, 1 ounce for wine, and 2 ounces for beer or malt beverages.

Having this bill pass would not only be huge for these retailers looking to increase revenue and customer satisfaction/interaction, but it would also beneficial for craft beer drinkers who live or work on the Kansas side and can't easily make it to tastings in Missouri all the time. Personally, I live on the Kansas side and would love having the opportunity to go to tasting events on the weekends or evenings when I have to head home soon after work. And between Rimann, Gomer's, Lukas, Tipsy's, Brown Bag (if I forgot any, it's because they haven't sent me their sponsorship check yet), there are certainly plenty of stores on the Kansas side of the metro that have nice craft beer selections and would make great locations for tastings.

It doesn't appear that a specific date has been set for voting on the bill (just that it will be the topic of hearings in a 'matter of weeks'). KAKE out of Wichita reports that the chairmen of the committees that will likely handle the bill "don't see many problems with allowing the tastings", which is good news. On an unrelated note, I highly recommend reading the comments on their article.

The passing of this measure would be a nice, albeit small, step in the right direction for Kansas and their screwy liquor laws. I can only hope that if this gets approved, it will lead to other changes, but only time will tell.

Stay tuned and hopefully sooner than later, we'll be attending beer tastings on both the Missouri and Kansas sides of the state line.