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Monday, October 28

Virginia Beach Travel Guide

If Danner can post topless pics, so can I
I thought I’d take this opportunity, with Pat gone, to check in to KC. First off, though, Pat did  a hell of a job keeping this place up and expanding the reach of the KC Beer Blog. This has always been a collaborative effort to expand the KC beer scene and I’m sure the new contributors will do a great job as well.

I’m no longer any kind of authority on KC beer, though I play one around Virginia. Boulevard beer recently hit Virginia Beach and I’ve taken the opportunity to explain to the beer personalities around town that I come across that I come from Boulevard’s home town.

One of my last projects as part of being proprietor at KC Beer Blog was having writers around the country write beer travel guides to their towns. I’ve been negligent in not writing one for Virginia Beach. Since this is actually a resort and sought after vacation destination for DC, Pennsylvania, NJ, NY and Quebecians it makes sense to have a travel guide to Virginia Beach.

Monday, November 21


Yesterday it was a balmy 75 when I took this picture
Ah, the beach. You know in this day and age you have a lot of choices what your background image is going to be? You choose your desktop, you choose your gmail theme, you choose your feed reader theme. You have all the choices in the world to customize the tools you use in life. You can choose the walk in the woods, the mountains, an African safari, etc.. I’ve always chosen the beach picture.

You all know, I grew up in Wichita. Kansas City for me was a dream. I was drawn here. I came up 4 or 5 times a year all the time I was growing up. I always saw KC as the big city, the place I would live, the place I would love. And things worked out that way. I’m one of the few people to ever move here twice, one time pretty successful, one time not. But, there’s always been the nagging feeling about wanting to be a part of that beach picture.