KC Only Boulevard Local Hop Pale Ale Lands This Week

I'm always happy when Boulevard decides to do things to make us Kansas Citians feel special. Starting this week, on draft, Local Hop Pale Ale will be available from Boulevard in the Kansas City area. This variant of Pale Ale is dry hopped with Chinook hops from local Missouri hop grower, Royal Hops.

Boulevard describes the beer as "Opening with a floral, citrus aroma followed by a mellow, toffee-like flavor from caramel malts, Local Hop Pale Ale gives way to spicy, grapefruit notes from the wet Chinook hops and finishes with a slight lingering sweetness offset by a touch of grassy/green character." Sounds good to me!

I hope Boulevard makes more local only things to keep me feeling special.

Update: from Boulevard's Facebook page, the following Missouri and Kansas cities will be seeing this as well: Columbia, Herculaneum, Jefferson City, Joplin, Sedalia, Springfield, St. Louis, Lawrence and Topeka

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