Dear Boulevard--12oz Smokestacks

Dear Boulevard,

Thank you for putting more and more Smokestack series beers into 12oz bottles. Back in 2010 when you made your core Smokestack line-up available in 12oz bottles, it completely changed the way I drank in non-craft beer bars. Places like Zoo Bar, a fine hole in the wall dive, with no beer selection to speak of, started carrying these Little Smokies. Now I don’t have to drink shitty beer at places like that!

Fast forward to now. I see the upcoming release of Imperial Stout aged in Whiskey barrels will be put into 12oz bottles and I couldn’t be happier. A 750ml bottle of 11% beer is a huge commitment, especially if I have to finish it myself. It's a very common occurrence when I'm out at a bar and I don't order something because it comes in a big bottle. I'll just order it when I can share it with friends, I think to myself. Sometimes that time never comes and I miss out on trying that beer.

I applaud this move and hope to see more of the limited release Smokestack beers in 12oz bottles.


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