HopFest Ticket Giveaway

So the organizers of HopFest are pretty cool, and they think that you readers are pretty cool as well. For this reason, they're letting us give away four GA tickets for HopFest this weekend! But as usual, nothing comes free from KCBB, so you're going to have to work for these tickets. Think of Amazing Race plus Beerfest: we're going on a drinking scavenger hunt!

Here's how you're going to win: 

1. Go on Facebook and Like the KCBB page and the HopFest page to be eligible.

2. Get yourself a copy of the current Pitch, KC Star or whatever other current newspaper you can get your hands on that has a front page and a date (I think this is most of them).

2. Visit the taprooms/bars of any 3 breweries from the list of breweries attending HopFest.

3. Take a picture of yourself with the newspaper at the bar of each of the 3 brewery taprooms you visit.

4. Post your pictures in the comments section of our Facebook post that links to this article.

5. Optional: Buy a beer and slug it down. I'm pretty sure we can't legally make you buy beer for this competition, but hey, you're at a brewery taproom already so you might as well!

You can post each of your pictures as separate comments on the Facebook link to this article. We'll keep track and check the time that your 3rd brewery picture is posted to determine the winner. You've got until midnight, Thursday night to finish (as if you need that long).

The first two people to complete this challenge will each get 2 GA tickets!* That's $80 worth of tickets! Go, go, go! 

Update: We've got our two winners! Rod Leichter made it out to KC Bier Co, Martin City Brewing Co, and the Boulevard Tap Room, and Matthew Kafka did the hunt in Denver going to Great Divide, River North, and Breckenridge.

Bonus points if you look like this in your pictures.

*The fine print--you've got to be 21 to compete. No purchase or payment is necessary to compete or win.

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