IPAs, IPAs, and More IPAs

If you've been craving some hops after the long season of browns, stouts, porters, and holiday spice beers, then this week is for you. It's all about IPAs. Double IPA, session IPA, rye IPA, black IPA, and more. Better get your palate ready because it's going to be trashed in the coming weeks.

Bell's Hopslam should be out next week in KC

Bell's Hopslam - Jan. 19

Bell's Hopslam is the big one as usual. They're bottle it a little bit earlier this year than they have in the past, and Missouri is going to be one of the first states to get it. Bell's has a whole post detailing the release, but it essentially just says that they're making more this year than in the past, but that it will still be limited.

We must be drinking a hell of a lot of Bell's in Missouri, because our distributors are going to be getting shipments before every other state besides Bell's home state of Michigan. They're shipping trucks down to Missouri starting this week, but all other states will be getting their shipments starting Jan. 19 or later. Hopefully they send us more than those other states too!

North KC Beverage expects his shipment of Hopslam later this week and hopes to get it out to bars and retail shops starting early next week. We'll let you know when we have more details!

Edit: Just got word that NKC Bev is going to be delivering Hopslam out to retail shops and bars next Monday, Jan. 19! Keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter, and Drafster for places putting it out on the floor and on tap. Happy hunting!

Also, can't leave this one without a throwback to Bull E. Vard's Hopslam Sonnet.

Even More IPAs

Here's a rundown of all the rest of the IPAs out now or soon. Rest assured, that all of these are going to be much easier to get a hold of than Hopslam, and all still fresh and delicious in their own right!

Mother's - Making Trouble Double IPA - Jan. 13 Release
This is a new one out from Mother's this year. It's 9.2% ABV and has 92 IBUs. If it's anything close to as good as Doozy, then you need to go find this one. It might just be as good as Hopslam! Ok, maybe not quite, but I do love me some fresh Doozy. On a side note for Mothers, Central States just announced that they're expanding distribution of Mothers over to Lawrence. So look for them to start showing up in bars and liquor stores there starting next month!

New Belgium - Slow Ride IPA - Jan. 12 Release
Another new IPA for this year, this time a session IPA from New Belgium. 4.5% ABV and 40 IBU for this one, it should still be a good hop bomb, but just a little easier to have more than one. Pick up a pack of these to chase your double IPAs.

Sierra Nevada - A whole bunch of hops - Starting Jan. 12 Releases
Sierra Nevada has all kinds of new stuff out right now. They've got a new IPA variety pack with two standbys and two new IPAs. The 4-Way IPA variety pack will included Torpedo Extra IPA, Blindfold Black IPA, and the new Ruthless Rye IPA and Golden IPA. This may just be the ultimate IPA sampler pack. The packs on shelves now.

Also out this week are two new hoppy pilsners. The first is a re-release of one of their hugely popular Beer Camp brews, the Hoppy Lager, originally brewed as a collaboration with Ballast Point. They've also got their new spring seasonal Nooner Pilsner out this week. 12-packs of these should also be on the shelves by now.

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA will be out soon. 
Add to all this a brand new IPA from Sierra Nevada that might just revolutionize wet-hopped IPAs. According to Sierra Nevada, for the Hop Hunter IPA, they have created "an all-new method of steam distilling wet hops before they even leave the fields." So now we can have wet-hopped IPA year round! There's no official release date yet, but it should be announced soon.

Edit: In the seemingly endless stream of IPAs from Sierra Nevada, I missed another one that sounds pretty exciting. Their newest addition to their Harvest Series is the Harvest Wild Hop IPA - Neomexicanus Varietal. It's brewed with a wild hop found growing in New Mexico. According to SN, it has "unusual melon, apricot and citrus aromas." It was released first last month, and should be coming to KC soon.

Also, in a pretty ridiculous twist, Lagunitas has sued Sierra Nevada for copyright infringement over their Hop Hunter IPA label because they used the letters "IPA" capitalized with no periods after the letters. Never mind the letters aren't the same font or displayed in the same manner, and the labels look wildly different. I usually love Lagunitas, but this is just pathetic. Hopefully KCBB doesn't get sued for typing IPA in this post!

Edit: Lagunitas has dropped their suit after being "schooled" by Twitter. Nice work to everyone who spoke out against this nonsense!

Oskar Blues - Pinner Throwback IPA - Starting Feb. in KC
Oskar Blues is getting into the session IPA game as well. Their Pinner Throwback IPA is a new session IPA from them at 4.9% ABV and 35 IBU. This one should even be a bit milder than the new Slow Ride IPA from NB. And if you're wondering, the Throwback in the name refers to the fact that you can "throw back a few", not that it's some sort of '90s recipe dredged up for Throwback Thursday on facebook.

Pinner Throwback IPA from Oskar Blues

Santa Fe - Black IPA - On Shelves Now
Had to throw this one in there even though it actually got to KC about a month ago. It's Santa Fe's winter season and it's just an excellent example of a black IPA and it's still plenty fresh. You should give a try if you haven't yet!

Santa Fe Brewing Co Black IPA. Get some!

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