Short Pours - 8/5/2014


The newest Founder's Backstage release hit the shelves in MO last Friday, and should be on the shelves in KS starting today. Their Dissenter IPL (that is, Imperial Pale Lager) is the first lager that Founder's has put out in over a decade. And Imperial it is--the beer is 8.7% ABV with 70 IBU. If you can't smash and grab your way to a bottle of the stuff, Burg & Barrel will have it available at their Founders Beer School on Monday, Aug 11. That also just happens to be the event where you can get your hands on (probably) the last KBS in town. They're also going to have Rubeaus and Devil Dancer available, all of which are pretty fantastic. 

Even More Festivals!

We reported on all the upcoming beer festivals last week, and made some very grievous omissions. . Last week we listed all the big dogs in town, but missed some of the little guys. So in case you're not looking forward to fighting crowds of ravenous beer geeks to get a tiny pour from an exasperated volunteer only to find they've run out, you should check out these two festivals. Both have very limited tickets for sale, so they should be a little more laid back than your typical fest. 

Screenland Armour Arts & Crafts Festival - Aug. 22 & 23

(image: Screenland Armour)
The Screenland Armour Arts & Crafts Festival is coming up on August 22 & 23. They've got a great beer lineup with 19 breweries attending. There are some real standouts attending including Mikkeller, Crooked Stave, Prairie Artisan Ales, and Jolly Pumpkin. 

Unlike most of the beer festivals around town, there will actually be things to do at this one besides get completely hammered and forget the last 12 amazing beers you're pretty sure you had. (Yea, I know you made up those Untappd reviews.) The festival features eight local bands, six films, fifteen local artists' works, and a Q&A session with brewers and owners from Tallgrass, Mothers, New Belgium, and Cinderblock. There's even a shortfilm competition sponsored by Tallgrass.

The event is primarily on Saturday, but there are a few things going on Friday night as well. Tickets for the Friday session are only $20, and tickets for the all-day Saturday session are $45. You can also get a pass for both days for $60. And guess, what it's all for a good cause!

75th Street Summer Beer Fest - Aug. 16

75th Street Brewery is celebrating their 21st birthday with 9 of their best brew friends at their Summer Beer Fest on August 16th from 2p-6p. It's going to feature all local breweries, including the (hopefully) soon-to-be local brewery Crane Brewing Co. Tickets will be $30 at the door ($25 for mug club members) and $40 for early VIP tasting. You can get tickets by calling the brewery at 816-523-4677, or stopping by. The proceeds benefit the Big Brothers & Big Sisters of KC.

Boulevard's Hibiscus Gose - Aug. 18

The newest of the Backroads Series from Boulevard, Hibiscus Gose, is slated to hit the shelves in KC on August 18th. Unless they've significantly changed the recipe from their test batches, I can personally report that it's excellent. In any case, I'm sure it will be much better than the first Backroads beer--the unbelievably average Entwined Ale. And damn if it doesn't just look good in the glass.

(photo: Boulevard Brewing Co.)

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