State of The Blog

As you can tell, things are changing here at KC Beer Blog. With new writers, comes new initiatives, and one of mine was to give this blog a face lift. We're going to try to do a full redesign later this year and move over the Wordpress platform. But for a quick fix we can do now, the blog should be much more readable and a little more sexy. (Thanks to my dear friend Ariel for doing us the kindness of designing a new logo. You can find her at @arielsinhaha.)

On the topic of new writers, please welcome Dan Ryan to the team! He used to help write posts over at the now defunct Feed Me KC blog. We just thought he was so great that we brought him over here. Look for his first post sometime soon!

We've always had a Facebook page, but we finally joined everyone in 2006 and signed ourselves up for a twitter. You can find us sharing Kansas City beer news, our posts, and general debauchery over at @KC_BeerBlog.

A few other projects we're currently working on includes reworking the KC Beer Guide, building out a listing of Kansas City beer communities, and killing off kegs at local establishments. In the meantime, we'll be sure to write some interesting posts. If you have any feedback on the current design, or are interested in helping us even further feel free to reach out.

You'll also notice that we've updated our commenting system. With Disqus now in place, you can login via your facebook or twitter account to comment on posts with very little annoyance. You should also be able to respond directly to the shared posts on those social media platforms to add your input. Let us know what you think.

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