Chocolate Ale Bottle Release Delayed

Boulevard and Central States just announced that the delivery of Boulevard's Chocolate Ale in bottles is going to be delayed. They had originally planned on having the bottle release tomorrow, but due to the impending storm they've decided to delay the release for safety's sake. So please don't go hunting around town in the blizzard tomorrow for a Chocolate Ale! This only affects bottles, kegs have already been tapped all over town. 

The press release mentions that the bottle deliveries when the weather improves, but doesn't give a date for the release. Central States has confirmed that the bottles will make it on to store shelves sometime this week. Boulevard also mentioned on their Facebook page that this announcement only affects the release in the Kansas City area.

Here's the full press release
Due to the potential inclement winter weather in the Kansas City area during the next 24 hours, Central States Beverage Company deliveries scheduled for Tuesday will be postponed on both the Missouri and Kansas side of our distribution area. This includes the announced release of the Boulevard Smokestack Series “Chocolate Ale.” Each account will receive their delivery when weather conditions improve. We anticipate having trucks back on the roads Wednesday morning but will communicate if that changes. Thank you for understanding as we strive to ensure that our drivers—and consumers—are safe on the roads.

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