2013 Brew to Brew Race

While many enjoy their beer best when it's paired with a sedentary lifestyle, there are some folks out there that feel compelled to torture themselves with exercise to compensate for their alcohol consumption (guilty as charged). For those of you that fit that latter category, get your running shoes ready and prepare to enter training mode, because the 2013 Brew to Brew race is coming up next month on Saturday, April 6th and Sunday, April 7th.

For those of you that aren't familiar with Brew to Brew, it is an annual, 44.4 mile race for both relay (up to 10 people) and solo runners that starts at Boulevard Brewing Company and finishes at Liberty Hall (next to Free State Brewing) in Lawrence. Given the endpoint and name of the event, you're correct in assuming that participants get to celebrate both the beginning and the completion of the race with beer drinking. Though I've never run in the race myself (I max out at around 2 miles of running before my ADD causes deathly boredom), everyone I know who has participated really enjoyed it. Plus, the race benefits the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, so along with a little exercise and imbibing, you're completing the trifecta and also being charitable.

You can view full event information over on the Brew to Brew website, brewtobrew.com. Some of the rules and details regarding registration and team relay racing are a bit complicated, and I'm not going to even attempt to explain them here. I'm just here for the beer. But if exercise and drinking are both in your wheelhouse, then definitely go check out the race information and get registered if it sounds enticing. There's no specific cutoff date for registration, but they do limit entries to 3200 total runners, so if you are worried about cutting it close you might want to contact the organizers to see how filled the race is (they have a Facebook page as well).

Cheers and good luck to all who participate!

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