Martin City Brewing Company seeking Brewmaster

If that headline made your loins quiver a bit in excitement, you aren't alone. The 'Brewing Company' part of Martin City Brewing Company is finally starting to take shape, as the restaurant and bar has secured a building to hold a brewhouse, as well as an event rental space, barrel aging room, bottle aging room, and executive event space. In preparation, they are putting the call out in search of someone to spearhead their brewing operations, and help them review and finalize the equipment order and brewhouse design specifications in December.

The full-fledged job listing is below, so take a look, and if any of you brewers out there are interested, let's get the applications rolling in and make this happen soon. Though it may be in the early stages, I'm very pleased to see the brewing aspect of MCBC finally coming to fruition, especially with the number of 'soon-to-be' local breweries that never panned out. Now, of course, the next step for us customers is to start harassing the guys at Martin City Brewing Company about what kind of beers we want to see them make.

Good luck to all who apply! (and on a more serious note to whoever gets hired, DON'T SCREW IT UP)

Seeking: Brewmaster

MCBCo. is seeking a head Brewmaster who is self motivated, hard working, talented, and ready to make a name for him/herself in the brewing industry.  The responsibilities will include overseeing the design and deployment of a 15bbl brewing system.  After system setup, the Brewmaster will oversee recipe development and ongoing production.  The new location will include primary wood fermentation processes and barrel aging.

The MCBCo. owners are looking for someone from (or willing to relocate to) the south Kansas City area.
The MCBCo. owners are looking for someone whom is willing to develop a nationally branded beer with exceptional quality.
The MCBCo. owners are looking for a hands-on problem-solver, willing to personally commit to building a phenomenal brand.

Job Functions
Order and receive raw materials
Monitor material flow or instruments such as temperature or pressure gauges, indicators, or meters to ensure optimal processing conditions.
Set up or adjust machine controls to regulate conditions such as material flow, temperature, or pressure.
Inspect machines or equipment for hazards, operating efficiency, malfunctions, wear, or leaks.
Examine samples visually or by hand to verify qualities such as clarity, cleanliness, consistency, dryness, and texture.
Collect samples of materials or products for laboratory analysis.
Clean and sterilize tanks, screens, pipes, production areas, and other equipment
Communicate processing instructions to other workers
Start agitators, pumps, valves, controls, drains, filters, transfers, etc.
Load, pour, dump, specified amount of refined and unrefined raw materials into equipment for processing and storage
Maintain GMP environment, production logs, testing results, shift production, and databases
Install, maintain, repair machines, tanks, hand tools, and processing equipment
Remove clogs, defects, or impurities from machines, tanks, screens, and other processing equipment
Equipment assembly of fittings, valves, bowls, plates, disks, impellers, and other parts of equipment to maintain operation
Test samples to determine viscosity, acidity, specific gravity using instruments (viscometers, pH meters, hydrometers, etc.)
Pack kegs, bottles, cartons, and crates
Develop recipes
Maintain master production schedule

Company Description and Design Space
Martin City Brewing Company (MCBCo.) is a restaurant and craft beer bar in south Kansas City.  MCBCo. is a small business wholly owned by a LLC partnership.  The restaurant and craft pub has been in operation for 1.6 years.  The business is acquiring property and expanding to a second nearby location to include a brewhouse, event rental space, barrel aging room, bottle aging room, and executive event space.

Starting Salary Range (w/ growth and profit sharing potential)
Email Cover Letter and Resume to: 

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