Tuesday, November 20, 2012

75th Street Brewery seeking new Head Brewer

Blog reader Justin contacted us last night to alert us to the fact that 75th Street Brewery had posted a job listing about a week ago on the probrewer.com forums, looking for a new Head Brewer. The open position is also listed on Careerbuilder, with an offered starting salary of $40-50,000/year. For those of you that may be looking for details:

75th Street Brewery is Kansas City’s first brewpub. Since 1993 we have been producing award winning ales to the craft enthusiasts of the Kansas City area. Located in the Waldo neighborhood of KC, we have a 300 seat restaurant with two bars including an urban beer garden and a barrel aging room. We produce approximately 1250 bbls./year with about 10% of production distributed to other KC Hopps restaurants. We are now looking for someone to take the reigns and continue our tradition of producing world class beers.

Qualified applicants must possess the following skills and experience:

A comprehensive knowledge and passion for craft beer.
Ability to multi task and work in a fast paced brewpub production environment.
Flexibility, results oriented mindset and a good attitude are essential. 
Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Ability and willingness to educate staff in the brewing process, beer styles and craft beer culture.
Proficient in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet development and tracking.
Ability to accurately record inventory and understand/monitor cost control numbers.
Must have the upmost attention to detail and cleanliness. 
Must be adept at Federal and State Excise Tax recording and reporting.
Ability to work independently and within a brewery/restaurant team.
Full availability throughout week to include some nights and weekends.
A friendly and public personality. 
Ability to create and execute new and existing promotional events.

Ability to lift and move up to 60 pounds, climb steep stairs repeatedly, crouch and work in tight spaces.
Willingness to be frequently exposed to wet conditions and work in extreme cold or hot conditions.
Willingness / ability to work safely with industrial grade chemicals.
Ability to work in a moderate noise level.

2 – 3 years experience in a brewpub or production brewery.
Degree in Brewing Science, Chemistry, Micro Biology, or Engineering a plus.
Cicerone certification a plus.
Technical knowledge in all applicable aspects of the brewing process.
•       Brewhouse - Everything from raw material handling through fermentation and conditioning, includin
        dry hopping, yeast handling and sanitation
•      Cellar -, tank cleaning, dry hopping, sanitation, yeast handling, cleaning, and more sanitation
Strong mechanical understanding and background.
A NO-FEAR attitude toward DIY maintenance in the brewery and restaurant.

We are offering a full-time (50 hours / week) salary management position. 75th Street Brewery offers benefits including health and dental insurance, 401K and a food / beverage plan at the brewpub and discounts at our KC Hopps family of restaurants. Total compensation depends on experience and salary commensurate with job history.

No phone calls please. 
Email cover letter, resume and salary requirements to tvirgin@kchopps.com. 

Of course, this listing being put up begs the question of what happened to the previous Head Brewer, and makes one curious about what's to come from the beer at 75th Street. I think most would agree that the overall quality of beer there has declined noticeably in recent history (lately, the only somewhat memorable thing I drank was the Double Vanilla Bean Porter, and even then...), so it will be interesting to see what happens, regardless of whether this was some kind of shakeup or just standard job turnaround. Fingers crossed that someone will come in who puts a little more emphasis on quality and can turn things around a bit for this brewpub.

So...anyone planning on applying?


  1. Man, that would be like my dream job. I don't think they would accept 1 year of homebrewing as an adequate qualification though.

  2. The former head brewer appears to be involved in a brewpub start-up called Mandkind Brewing Company.

  3. Hopefully all of their beers are named after Mick Foley personalities.

  4. KC Hopps is a joke. They could have outstanding beer and legions of loyal customers if they updated their brewing equipment instead of opening lame restaurants in the boonies.

  5. Wow, pays 10k a year less than most professional positions requiring half as much work and hours. Im sure they'll be breaking down the doors.

  6. I think the pay is more than a little weak myself for all the qualifications listed plus the hours and conditions.

    Guess it shows pay in the microbrewery field isn't really worth it either.

    Oh well be those who will say a job is a job

  7. I hate to ruin the romanticism, but us brewer dudes aren't exactly rolling in the dough. We are, however, super happy, realize we have a cool job, and drink a lot of free beer. This is actually a pretty nice salary for a brewer in a smaller pub in the Midwest.

  8. Considering that most pro brewers start in the industry by working for free this is a great opportunity for someone to brew professionally. I'll never understand why the "beer geeks" on this blog or in KC in general feel that they have to be negative and shit on everything. Time for some to go back to being wine snobs.

  9. Sorry Landon. I guess when you work for a for-profit company, you shouldn't expect to make any money. I mean, it's like Brewers Without Borders, right?

    Most pro-brewers don't start working for free. Ever. Look around at some pro brewers and find me the "most" that worked for free.

    But working for free is called a hobby, not a job.

  10. Sorry Anonymous. I stand by my statement. There are many unpaid internships in the brewing industry.