Friday, July 27, 2012

Stone Month at The Riot Room

Deschutes Base Camp week will be bringing the beer noise at the beginning of August, and now it looks like Stone Brewing Company will be continuing the madness with Stone Month at The Riot Room. This series of 4 events takes place over the course of August, and each includes a special 'package' deal on a beer pour, glass you get to keep and Stone t-shirt. Plus, each night features a screening of a different movie, a special tapping and other general shenanigans.

Here are the details on each event:

8/1 - Ruination Goes To 11
- $25 gets you a Ruination IPA pour, glass to keep and Ruination t-shirt.
- Showing of the movie Spinal Tap.
- Special tapping of Ruination 10th Anniversary.

8/8 - Arrogance is Here..We're Not Worthy
- $25 gets you an Arrogant Bastard pour, glass to keep and Arrogant Bastard t-shirt.
- Showing of Wayne's World 1 and 2.
- Rare tapping of Stone Double Bastard.

8/15 - Stone IPA's Excellent Adventure
- $25 gets you a Stone IPA pour, glass to keep and a Stone IPA t-shirt.
- Showing of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.
- Special tapping of Double Dry-Hopped Stone IPA.

8/29 - Over The Top Stone Summer Solstice Finale
- $30 gets you a pour of any featured Stone beer from the month, plus a glass to keep and t-shirt from that beer.
- Showing of Over The Top.
- Arm wrestling competition, with winner receiving the Stone Intercontinental Championship belt.
- Potential tapping of another rare Stone beer.

While we're on the subject of Stone, I'd also like to give a quick shout out to Nate Sellergren, the Missouri rep for Stone. He is currently raising money for charity as part of the 'Stone Dyehards For Charity'. As part of the fundraising, Nate will become a temporary mega-ginger and dye his hair bright red. Go check out his fundraising page, and throw a few dollars his way if you can to help him and some charities out.

Hope to see some of you (and maybe Alice Cooper) out at the Stone Month events, in the meantime I'll be doubling up on my weight training so I can break some wrists at the arm wrestling competition and earn the championship belt.


  1. Who's going to the Ruination 10 tapping?

  2. Let's see, $25-30 gets me a beer, probably a pint glass, a t-shirt so I can advertise Stone, and a crappy old movie - count me out! I like the burlesque show they will do for Base Camp much better.
    BTW, the "words" you make us type to prove we're not a robot are ridiculous, and the sound interpretation of it sounds like it comes from a drunken robot on drugs.

  3. Beerbo, I'll take a look at the Captcha settings and see if there are different options. I don't choose those words, obviously.

  4. I've removed the Captcha temporarily, but if we get inundated with spam comments then I'll have to turn it back on.

    The other option would be to require people to login with either Google or OpenID in order to comment, which I'm okay with, but it would cut down on people being able to comment anonymously, which I know would break some hearts.

  5. I'm not sure if the words per se are rediculous but they are certainly harder to read than most other sites. I log in with my google account and am still required to do the captcha.

  6. I'd rather put up with a Captcha I can refresh if there is a difficult word, than deal with a bunch of spam posts.