Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Choklat Rain

I confess, I've lusted over Southern Tier Choklat since the first time I tried it.

A chocolate beer virgin at the time, I randomly picked up a bottle one cold day to take with me to Hays, Kansas during a Christmas vacation. When I finally popped the bottle open and took my first taste, it was heavenly. I single-handedly finished the bottle, which was probably a poor choice because I had to attend mass shortly thereafter. Granted, it was probably the most entertaining and enjoyable church service I've ever been to, but I'm sure I was catching some suspicious glares from all the sober Catholics (I think there might have been a couple of them there).

Ever since that Christmas Eve miracle with Choklat, I've looked forward to it being back on shelves. Well, the joyous day has come. Choklat is now available again in Kansas City. As is the case with all the Southern Tier Blackwater beers, this will be limited, so if you're interested, go sooner than later to grab some.

While I'm on the topic of the Blackwater beers, you may also want to consider picking up a Southern Tier Blackwater Gift Set from Royal Liquor on 103rd. The set includes one bottle each of Choklat, Oat, Jahva, Mokah, and Creme Brulee plus a Southern Tier tulip glass. For $49.99, it's a nice deal and a pretty fantastic set of beers to give as a gift, or as I'll probably end up doing, buy for yourself.


  1. Awesome review. A BABY BOY WILL NEVER BE THE SAME! Thanks for the heads up on the gift pack. I must of missed that post. That's a sweet deal.

  2. Hays huh? From there? When and where did you graduate? Sorry, no more stalker questions. Just a fellow Haysian excited by a random Hays-drop.

  3. Bull may have done some blatant advertorials but this might take the cake.... get it together

  4. @Anonymous 1 - I'm not from there personally, but my ex's entire family was, so we would travel there to visit her extended family over Christmas.

    @Anonymous 2 - You caught me, after 3 weeks on the job, I'm getting compensated generously by Southern Tier and Royal to promote them. Thank God you are here to whistleblow the situation!