Friday, August 26, 2011

B4TW - Lagunitas IPA

We missed the beer for the weekend last Friday because of a power outage at the Bull E. Vard mansion. I hope you were able to decide upon something for yourself. This week, in honor of a great meal and time last night, Lagunitas IPA is the beer for the weekend.

IPA is the number 1 IPA in California, it's the number 1 IPA in Chicago, there's no reason it shouldn't be the number 1 IPA in KC or at least number 2 behind Boulevard Single Wide. The Lagunitas flagship beer isn't a hop toothpaste type of IPA, it actually features the hop in it's most attractive light rather than just beating you in the mouth with hops. It's probably a little too easy to drink as a full six pack goes down pretty easy but leaves the chance of you sleeping in your front yard because you took a wrong turn in your house.

IPA will be on tap tonight in the Power and Light Beer Garden (as well as Undercover Shutdown, Lucky 13 and Hairy Eyeball). It's also available at nearly every liquor store in the KC metro area so it shouldn't be that hard to find.


  1. Is this site a beer blog or a paid Lagunitas advertisement?

  2. My only surprise is how long it took for this comment. I thought it would come immediately.

  3. From one Anonymous to another, who ever said a blog has to be objective?

  4. Until we get Pliny distribution, Lagunitas is the best hop-centric beer available in KC. Hop Stoopid is easily the best value for hop heads here. Ive never had a bad Lagunitas. Until they lower their standards its my #1 American brew for hop indulgence.